Flags of the Confederacy Page

Historical and Current State Flags

This beautiful, but difficult to make flag design was adopted by the State of Alabama during the War Between the States. It was later replaced by more practical, but unofficial designs.

An interesting flag, it look very much like a very sneakily redesigned Confederate Battle Flag

This U.S. Flag variant was used by the State of Florida from February 1861 until September13, 1861, when it was replaced by the flag below.

This beautiful flag was used by the State of Florida from September 1861 until 1868.

Currently embattled by the forces of political correctness, the Georgia State Flag features the Confederate Battle Flag in the field of the flag, with the state seal on the left in the union. 130,000 Georgian served under the Confederate Battle Flag during the War Between the States.

This seal was adopted in January of 1862 by the Provisional Government of the State of Kentucky. The Provisional Government was represented throughout the war in the Congress of the Confederate States.

Adopted in February 1861, this U.S. Flag variant was modifed to change the stripes to the three colors of France and the star to the color of Spain, thus reflecting the rich and unique heritage of the Bayou State.

The Mississippi State Flag features a Confederate Battle Flag in the Union of the flag. 85,000 Mississippians served in the Confederate military during the War Between the States.

The flag of North Carolina was adopted in June 1861 to commemorate the declarations of independence from both Britain and the United States. This flag survives today with only minor modifications as the current state flag.

Sporting a palmetto tree and a crescent, the state's historic devices, this flag came into being on January 28, 1861, saw service throughout the War Between the States and is still in use today. The tough wood of the palmetto tree is credited with contributing to the successful defense of Charleston from the British in the Revolution. The logs used in the building of the town's fortifications absorbed the British cannonballs rather than being shattered by them.

A variant of the South Carolina Flag, this design also incorporated the Cross of St. George and stars representing the 15 Southern States.

The only state flag to have over flown over a internationally recognized independent nation, the Lone Star Flag has served the State of Texas since its adoption in 1839.

Based on a Bonnie Blue Flag with the Commonwealth Seal replacing the star, this War Between the States Flag of Virginia still serves the Commonwealth of Virginia in slightly modified form.