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Historical Flags of the Republic of Texas

The State of Texas, due to its previous life as an independent republic, has a rich vexillogical history. The thousands of Southern volunteers who came to the state during the Revolution to assist in gaining independence brought with them a rich American Heritage. That heritage is manifested in the flags of Texas. After gaining independence with its smashing battlefield victory at San Jacinto, Texas was an independent nation until its annexation in 1845. The flags below are all from the era of the Texas Revolution and the Republic of Texas.

In 1812, a filibustering expedition led by a 24 year old U.S. Army officer named Augustus Magee liberated Texas from Spanish rule for one year. Under this green flag, they ruled Texas until they met defeat south of San Antonio at the Battle of the Medina in 1813. Among the Spanish officers who crushed the "Green Flag Republic" was a young Spanish Lieutenant named Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna. The harsh treatment of the captured Anglos probably taught him the Prisoner of War etiquette that cost him so dearly in Texas in 1836.

This flag was flown by the defiant citizens of Gonzales, Texas in November, 1835. The flag was hoisted to dare a Mexican Army unit to come and repossess a cannon given to the citizens for protection from Indian attacks. This battle began the Texas Revolution.

Initially, the Texas were fighting for liberties guaranteed them under the Mexican Constitution of 1824. This flag was hoisted over the fortifications at the Alamo in San Antonio de Bexar, and flew there during the epic thirteen day seige. The flag is a Mexican National flag with the national seal removed from the center and replaced with the year of the Constitution.

Despite its name, this unit was made up almost entirely of Texans. The unit was named because its arms were provided by the State of Georgia. This unit was destroyed almost to a man during the Goliad Massacre.

This flag was flown by one of the many volunteer companies that formed the Texas Army during the revolution.

Another volunteer company flag.

This flag was flown by a company of soldiers who came for Alabama during the early days of the Revolution. This unit was also nearly destroyed during the Goliad Massacre.

This elaborate flag was flown by the company formed by the citizens of San Felipe during the Revolution.

The first flag of the Republic of Texas. Designed shortly after the Battle of San Jacinto, is was soon replaced. Its basic features would later be incorporated into many Texas Confederate Battle Flags.

This redesigned flag was used for three years before being replaced by the current Texas flag.

The only U.S. State Flag to have once flown over an internationally recognized independent republic, the present flag of Texas was adopted in 1839. Upon Annexation, it became the flag of the State of Texas.